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How mature is your work in project and program management? Find out with this quiz.

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Close any gaps and build on your company's operational strengths.


This 10-question quiz provides you with actionable insights into your organization's program maturity. What you can expect:

  • An initial assessment of your organization's program maturity level 
  • Key areas for improvement to impact overall program performance

At One2Team, we partner with complex, global businesses to fundamentally change how they achieve success. And we don't just sell enterprise work management software. Our solution pairs with consultants averaging 15 years of program management expertise so your business becomes a truly agile enterprise.

Altogether, we have 8.6 million data points gathered from $130 billion in business investments. Clients like Carrefour manage $3 billion in strategic initiatives with us. This quiz is part of a larger assessment that we use to start any engagement.

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