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M&A initiatives often fail due to poor project governance and lack of alignment. See how agile collaboration and real-time visibility can help you achieve the results you envisioned.



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Accelerate the M&A integration process with One2Team

Mergers and acquisitions are perceived as a quick and proven growth strategy across industries. However, the resulting merger is not always greater than the sum of its parts. According to a Harvard study, 50% of acquirers have to resell the company they have acquired within 5 years due to poor synergy and limited ROI.

Whether you’re looking to increase your market-share, reduce costs, bring in new talent, or gain quick access to new customers, One2Team has the platform and professional services experience to partner for a successful M&A integration. We've helped our clients:

  • Track performance & synergies: Working on a common platform with a shared data repository ensures that synergies, benefits, risks, and costs are reliably tracked and consolidated. 
  • Increase real-time visibility: No need to wait for reports or updates; you know exactly what your team is working on and can access real-time integrated reports & analytics.
  • Boost productivity and accelerate the integration process: With access to information & data gathered in a single source and in real-time, everyone can execute their work faster and with better insight.

While our collaborative work management platform delivers centralized real-time data and progress, teams across different streams, countries, and departments, can focus on executing with better choices and reliable, accurate information at hand.

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