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"We deployed our infrastructure to 4 times as many sites per month with the exact same team.”


Philippe Perrin

Deputy Managing Director, Huawei France

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10,000+ employees
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4 times the deployments per month
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The continuous growth and competitive pressure in the telecommunications equipment market has led to a sharp acceleration in the number and size of complex deployment projects, such as 4G LTE deployments, 3G infrastructure maintenance programs and small cell network rollouts.

These strategic projects involve a multitude of stakeholders and require the orchestration of complex operations at hundreds or even thousands of sites. The extended project teams involves principals, subcontractors, internal teams and administrative offices.

To ensure the proper follow-up at all levels, and to encourage stakeholder cooperation and alignment, integrators and vendors must use next-generation project management tools to increase productivity, reduce projects risk and improve margins. 


Business Challenges

  • Improve overall operational efficiency, a major challenge due to the pressure on margins and high customer expectations
  • Provide a clear and unified view of the project status to both internal teams and clients
  • Improve the satisfaction of all project stakeholders
  • Dramatically reduce site operation failure rates by anticipating escalations and disruptions
  • Facilitate improved collaboration among stakeholders (principals and subcontractors) while reducing time-to-invoice
Relied on the geolocation map feature as a visual communication tool that ultimately reducee reporting activity and improves coordination
Optimized operational efficiency and reduced costs: the same team manages 4 times as many projects
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Gained budget certainty with complete control of the invoicing process
Improved collaboration and communication with operators

Delivered better monitoring of operations failure rates with a dedicated cockpit for continuous improvement

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