Openings, renovations, roll-outs, operations. How are you performing?

We asked operations and senior program management executives at virtually all major retailers in Europe whether they were satisfied with their project management and retail deployment practices. Almost half (43%) said they are dissatisfied with at least one aspect in which their deployments are managed. You can find out exactly which one by downloading this free report. 

What's in this report?

To create this report, we partnered with market research firm Ginger and conducted more than 100 interviews with key stakeholders and decision makers managing deployment projects at major retailers in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Inside you'll find:

  • The top 5 reasons of dissatisfaction with deployment management.
  • How retailers are seeing an increase in the number of deployments and why.
  • What 69% of retailers cite as the critical factor in rising deployments.
  • Which tools 89% of retailers use to manage projects.
  • The top 4 actions retailers take to improve their operational performance.

 Download this free 40-page PDF report now! 

"By talking and working with our retail customers, we knew we had a pretty good idea of how to improve deployment performance. We did this study to make sure that data confirmed our assumptions. We were pleasantly surprised."

          Hervé, One2Team CEO


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